Gypsy King

By: Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper - 'Gypsy King' | Color Red Music

About this Track

“Gypsy King” takes listeners on a nomadic journey back to the 70s, to a musical era defined by prolific foundations of groove and lush vocal harmonies. Inspired by flagship bands of the time like Santana and The Eagles, Brothers Keeper marries strong lyrical content with tasteful organ work, memorable choruses, and refined solos. Producer, Eddie Roberts, and bandleader, Scott Rednor's shared vision is evident in this well-honed collaboration that has the ability to grace speakers for generations to come.

Brothers Keeper - 'Gypsy King' | Color Red Music

Produced by Eddie Roberts


Scott Rednor (guitar, vocals)
Rob Eaton Jr (guitar)
John Michel (drums, vocals)
Michael Jude (Bass, Vocals)
Joe Tatton (Organ)

Eddie Roberts - Tracking Engineer
Color Red Studios
Tascam 388​

Eddie Roberts - Mixing Engineer
Color Red Studios

Doug Krebs - Mastering Engineer
Doug Krebs Mastering